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October 10 2017

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My illustration project! we had a short story prompt that we had to make an illustration for, and I had one about someone removing broken body parts to attain enlightenment. to keep with the mood of halloween i decided to take it in a more literal sense 


October 08 2017

You have me. Until every last star in the galaxy dies. You have me.
Amie Kaufman, Illuminae
(via thequotejournals)
I knew what love was supposed to be: obsession with undertones of nausea.
— Margaret Atwood - from Cat’s Eye (via watchoutforintellect)
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5 Meaningful, Yet Tired, Looks To Give The One Other Gay Person You Know While Surrounded By Your Straight Friends

October 07 2017

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♥Evil Boys♥

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The Ship - Gumroad tutorial

Hi there!

Here’s a gumroad tutorial about “traditional look in photoshop”
I hope you like it!


Greg Rutkowski

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yes I overthink but I also over-love

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Under A Violet Moon or The Circle by Blackmore’s NIght

All Souls Night and The Mummer’s Dance (single version) by Loreena McKennitt

Witch’s Rune and Song of the Witches by S.J. Tucker

Beltane Fires and The Ballad of Grace Sherwood by Coyote Run

Green and Grey and On Midwinter’s Day and The Cauldron Born by Damh the Bard

Mists of Avalon and Serpent Mound and The Directions Song by Kellianna

“Bottom of the River” and “Dance in the Graveyard” by Delta Rae
“Falling” by First State
“Like a Stone” by Audioslave
“Milk and Cookies” by Melanie Martinez
“The Railway House” by Patrick Wolf
“Black Velvet” by Alannah Myles

Just a few off the top of my head

Anything by Stevie Nicks

Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine
O Death - Jen Titus
I Will Never Die - Delta Rae
The Host of Seraphim - Dead Can Dance
The Humbling River - Puscifer

I agree with I Will Never Die by Delta Rae and everything by Stevie Nicks! My additions:

Colour of Moonlight (Antiochus) by Grimes, Doldrums
Moon by Omnia
Xtatica by Omnia
Wild Horses by Bishop Briggs
Pyre by Son Lux

Belispeak by Purity Ring.

Witchy Woman by The Eagles and Rhiannon by Fleetwood Mac!

Rhiannon by Stevie Nicks
Silently Conjure by Unwoman
Voodoo by Godsmack
The Mystic’s Dream by Loreena Mckennitt
Witchy Night by Nico Vega
Which Witch by Florence and the Machine

Witches by Inkubus Sukkubus
The Mystic’s Dream by Loreena McKennitt
The Gates of Istanbul by Loreena McKennitt
Bjarkan by Wardruna
Solringen by Wardruna
Daemonos by Daemonia Nymphe
How Soon is Now by Love Spit Love
If I had a heart by Fever Ray
Wolf by First Aid Kit

The Circle and Under a Violet Moon by Blackmore’s Night
Howl by Florence + The Machine
Storm’s Comin’ by the Wailing Jennys 

Opium - Dead Can Dance
Mummers Dance - Loreena Mckennit
Get Some - Lykke Li
My mother was the moon - King Dude
Walpurgisnacht - Faun
Oh My My - Ruelle
Bells, Books, and candles - The Craft Soundtrack
Fee Ra Huri - Omnia

Harmless Monster, The Moon Asked the Crow, and Smokey Taboo by CocoRosie
Wrong Side of the Road and Just the Right Bullets - Tom Waits
Me and The Devil - Soap&Skin
Mystery - Dio
The Wolf is Free -  Lily & Madeleine

Cupid Carries A Gun - Marilyn Manson
A Little Wicked - Valerie Broussard
Wicked Ones - Dorothy
Burn the Witch - Queens of the Stone Age

All Souls Night - Loreena McKennitt

Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac

Witch’s Rune - S.J. Tucker

Linger, Dreams - The Cranberries

Witching Hour, Spirits Light The Way - Esoterik

Pretty much any goth music that’s floaty and mystical you can dance to (especially darkwave)

Umai - Shireen

Auta Luonto, Cernunnos, Moon, Niiv, Xtatica, Wytches’ Brew by Omnia

Helvegen, Laukr, Solringen by Wardruna

Trøllabundin, Í Tokuni (or Into The Mist if you want the English version) by Eivør

Mordred’s Lullaby - Heather Dale

2 Falken, Diese kalte Nacht, Hörst du die Trommeln, and Walpurgisnacht by Faun

Brictom, Dessumiis Luge, and Isara by Eluveitie

Medicine Chant by Anilah

Ämmänhauta by Korpiklaani


1. return of the she-king: Dead Can Dance

2. Mesmerism: Dead Can Dance

3. Aidu: Eluveitie 

4. Sirena: Faun

5. Samhain: Trobar de Morte

6. Isa - Wardruna (YESSS)

7. Eg Fele: The Moon & the Nightspirit

8. Hope: Eluveitie 

9. Kroppar: Valraven

10. Within the Grove: Eluveitie 

11. The Mystic’s Dream: Loreena McKennitt

12. Warrior: Anilah

13. Ancient Pines: Loreen McKennitt

14. Medicine Chant: Anilah

15. Gjallarhorni: Corvus Corax (Ancient Celtic Witch!!)

17. Alfadhirhaiti: Heilung

18. Morgana: Trobar de Morte

19. Bauglir: Summoning 

20. Deo’s Erotas: Daemonia Nymphe

21. Svitjod: forndom

22. Redemption (album): Ennoven

23. Sabhal Ia’n Ic Uisdean: Tannas (its in scottish gaelic and makes me happy ok dont laugh, I love all celtic music the more bagpipes the better tbh)

So many good songs listed above by others that I would also include ^^^^

Eight of Swords - Huntress

Spelleater - Huntress

Fires At Midnight - Blackmore’s Night

Shadow of the Moon - Blackmore’s Night

I Am The Goddess - Lisa Thiel

Song To Inanna - Lisa Thiel

Wytches Chant - Inkubus Sukbus

Lily - Kate Bush

The Chorus of the Furies - Faith and the Muse

Big Furry Head - Amon Tobin

Under the Fate of the Blue Moon - Jill Tracy

Death is the Ultimate Woman - Monica Richards

Wolf–First Aid Kit

Become the Color–Emily Wells

Full Moon–The Black Ghosts

A Forest–The Cure

(anything from Fever Ray, Eivor or Stevie Nicks)

Hunger of the Pine - Alt-J

Seven Devils - Florence + The Machine

Howl - Florence + The Machine

Devil’s Spoke - Laura Marling

Beekeeper - Tori Amos

Season of the Witch - Donovan

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Most heroes of progression are never mentioned in history books.

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A couple old charm ideas! Decided not to go with these since the update ;)

If you want to see my current charm designs, you can view them on my PATREON

Please do not use or print!


“his husband” is the best two word combo in the world tbh

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Fucking friendship goals

October 06 2017

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Lycans by Robert Chew

Lycans: Harnessing the raw power of Lycan state these operators work together in groups to be effective. Working in pairs, they help each other maintain their focus so as not to lose control and potentially harm their own team. While technology/methodology helps control them, their true strength comes from their pack and the bonds between each member.

October 05 2017

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“Excuse this blot but a bee scared me just then.”

An amazing explanation for smudged ink I came across in an October 1, 1897 letter from Rachel (a teenage girl in finishing school in Philadelphia) to her cousin Jack at Yale.


suicidal people deserve a space to talk about their suicidal feelings without risking hospitalization/institutionalization or being accused of being manipulative or attention seeking

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