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January 30 2018


one problem with depression is that when good things happen you still have depression





date a girl

just date one. wake the fuck up lesbians

2018 date a girl challenge

pls stop promoting chicks to be lesbians. This is how I’ll always stay single lol.

please stay single waifusnatcherr





holy shit i just learned about the “proxy strike” tactic in france in which radicals blockade or occupy a workplace, allowing workers to strike without losing their wages. that’s brilliant, wow

How does that work, exactly?

if you and your coworkers say “we’re striking” and occupy your workplace, your boss won’t pay you, but if your friends and your coworkers’ friends occupy it for you, you say “sorry boss shit’s occupied” and you still get paid because you’re not the ones striking

the 5,528 people who have reblogged this post as of right now could probably paralyze a decent chunk of a city’s economy using this tactic lmao

January 29 2018

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here’s my new oc, benji ! he lives on a flowery hill where he helps herd sheep and likes taking naps in the sun 🌻

January 27 2018

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Quantum Mosaic Largo Slime - Slime Rancher - Stimboard For @r0b1tr0b0t

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me, whispering softly at the edge of a forest: hozier, bro, i need your advice for a romantic date with my girlfriend

hozier, appearing out of the mist: oh, take her to an empty field and lie on the ground until you decompose and get eaten by foxes. it’s classic, timeless, 

January 26 2018


me: trigger warnings? i don’t need a trigger warning im strong! nothing phases me, i’m above that!

literally anyone: *says something very vaguely triggering or briefly mentions a trigger*

me: uh hahah uhh oh god wait hold on uh oh no oh god oh no ahhhhh please oh no uhhhh ohhhhhhh boyyyy ohhh no oh uh no no hold on uhh oh no ohh no

November 04 2017

November 03 2017



Shit Straight People Just Dont’t Get: Gay men are not attracted to men the same way straight women are, and lesbians are not attracted to women the same way straight men are.

I saw a popular post go around a long time ago that talked about the sexualization of women in comic books vs the lack of sexualization of men and they said how “straight women and gay men aren’t attracted to to big tough rough buff men, that’s a male fantasy.” And it kinda reminded me of how straight people think we experience attraction the same way as them, and say with how bi people are attracted to the same gender/genders too.

Like no offense but a lot of things mlm find attractive in men, straight women would find unattractive. A lot of things lesbians would find attractive in women, straight men would find unattractive. Also vice verse, which show in straight romances and anime where the sexualization of women is never meant for wlw in the audience.

It’s not that we’re “desperate gays” so we just have to go for feminine gay men, butch lesbians, bears, more body hair or muscle, fat, etc. Its just that being attracted to those certain things whether in appearance or mannerisms, is literally part of gay culture.

Like this whole idea that mlm experience attraction the same as straight women and wlw experience attraction the same way as straight men is just a way to compare mlm to women and wlw to men and to further split apart solidarity between us. Also for lazy straight writers to give us content that doesn’t match our needs or culture. I really wish straight people would stop this misconception.

This post includes trans mlm and trans wlw. It harms us even more so.

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Capitalism is getting very much more dystopian very quickly

It’s a matter of time before companies start their own Pod-communities and ‘strongly encourage’ workers to live there and set up rules like no alcohol and no defamation of the company in the Pods. 

As nightmarish as this is (and it is), this is only new for documented white people. From seasonal archiculture workers to construction workers to sweatshops, ‘sleep where you work and live your whole life controlled by your boss and coworkers pressured to spy on you’, has been very much a thing for a looooooooong time. 

This is one of many things capitalism has always done to workers and now they’re going “hhmmmm.. if I can do this to some workers, why not all of them? if I present it as a hip new way of urban living people for the ‘freelancers’ that I exploit, I might even be able to do it without the armed guards that run my sweatshops and plantations.”

I don’t really get the issue with the “sex is banned” part tho

I don’t want to hyperfocus on that part because ‘live without privacy, convert your bed into a desk by day and just work work work’ is distopian enough as it is and I don’t really want to distract from a conversation about the new fuedalism to just talk about sex. 

But can you not understand how that monotomous soulless life defined by work becomes even more soulless when you are not permitted to engage in (what is for most allosexuals) one of the most intimate moments of recreational joy and interpersonal connection? & how much it says about our lack of power when we live in places that control our sexual and reproductive lives? 

well yeah, but it’s communal living. I mean you’re spot on with the rest but idk, a ban on sex when you share your living quarters with like two dozen other people? it doesn’t seem that deep tbh. 

You know, I’ve spend time in socialist and anarchist self-organized communal living spaces where lots of people shared bedrooms because they liked it and all these spaces had a place for sex. They all acknowledged that that was a thing many humans loved and valued and so they organized to make that good thing possible. Some had a spare room with a lock on the inside that couples could use, others had dorms where sex was okay and dorms where it was not so people could choose where to sleep. It is not difficult to have communal living for those that like sharing bedrooms and also organize a place for sex. 

This, however, is not communal living. This is crammed, dehumanized corporate living. This is squeezing as many people as possible into a space defined by work. The inhabitants own nothing in this space and have no control over their environment, they can’t even paint the walls let along organize the space to meet their needs. In such a space, sex is made impossible on purpose:


“We built the pods facing each other so the community polices itself”

The people that made this could have organized privacy and opportunities for sex. They deliberately did not do this, they dilerabetely designed the space for minimum privacy. The purposeful banning of sex from this space is just one part, but one very obvious part, of the way these spaces are not build for humans, they are build for employees whose whole identity should be limited to their productivity. 

In the 19th and early 20th centuries, mining communities and factory towns encouraged workers to join their ranks by offering company housing and company stores, where workers and their families wouldn’t have to worry about money, because their rent and whatever they wanted from the store would simply be deducted from their paychecks.

Didn’t take long for workers to realize they were spending over 100% of their paychecks, and would have to work the rest of their lives in soul-crushing poverty to pay the company back.

Slavery isn’t gone, it just changed its name.

Adding to what @robstmartin has to say:

“I sold my soul to the company store” isn’t just a line in a song, it’s about Miner’s Scrip. When coal mines forced their employees to live in company housing, paid them in company credit usable only in the literal company store, and they charged astronomical rates for rent and food. 

Most miners ended up in multi-generational debt because their wages were so low they could not afford the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter and ended up owing so much to the company store their grandchildren would essentially be enslaved to the company to pay off the debt.

This becomes especially chilling when you realize Cheeto Supremo ran on a policy of “bring back coal jobs”.

This is just deadass feudalism 2 Electric Boogaloo

November 02 2017

Yeah i’m into bdsm


b - being a 

d - disappointment to

s - so

m - many of my friends

November 01 2017

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Angry, and half in love with you, and tremendously sorry, I turned away.
F. Scott Fitzgerald The Great Gatsby (via wordsnquotes)
I can bear any pain as long as it has meaning.
— Haruki Murakami, 1Q84
(via goodreadss)
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That’s Louis Rossman, a repair technician and YouTuber, who went viral recently for railing against Apple. Apple purposely charges a lot for repairs and you either have to pay up or buy a new device. That’s because Apple withholds necessary tools and information from outside repair shops. And to think, we were just so close to change.

Follow @the-future-now

This is really important and let me tell you why.

My mom has an iPhone 6 Plus and hasn’t even had it for a year when one day it suddenly died and would not charge. So she took it to an authorized Apple repair place and they charged her $50 for a diagnostic only to tell her that she would have to buy a brand new phone.

So she decided to go to the AT&T store to talk to our usual guy that upgrades our phones and handles any problems for us. She tells him what’s wrong and he takes her phone to the back only to come out two minutes later, puts her phone on charge and it comes back to life. 

She asks him what was wrong with it that he managed to somehow fix when the people at the “authorized apple repair place” couldn’t. And you know what he told her?

“There was just a bit of fuzz in the charging port.”

I FUCKING KNEW IT. Listen, I have a MacBook from college. The charger has died twice, and I had to get a new one. This happened for two years in a row around the same time each year.
I’m fucking convinced that their hardware is rigged to “expire” in order to force people to keep buying their shit.

Wait, people are just now learning that Apple has some of the shadiest business practices?

You know this isn’t really just apple, company’s do this all the time, everything is rigged to expire and all they want is your money.

Ohhh no no no, this IS JUST Apple. 

All companies want you to buy their new products. None have gone to the lengths that Apple Inc. has gone to make end user repairs as impossible as is legally viable. I have been repairing electronics and computer systems privately, commercially and active duty in the US military for about 30 years. 

Apple puts extra effort into special hardware requiring proprietary tools that are only legally produced by their licensed manufacturer and can only be purchased through licensed repair shops if at all. 

Companies like iFixit can only exist as profit making companies because they are able to make workaround tools and kits that are still profitable but less of a blatant ripoff than Apple. 

Apple has been doing this forever. The way Apple treats consumers is abysmal, and people still eat their products up.

This is called “planned obsolescence” - many companies do it, but Apple has made it into an art. Basically, companies - tech companies in particular - have realized that if their products are manufactured too well, they won’t be able to sell you a new one in three years. So, in order to keep consumers coming back for more, they design your gadgets to “expire” in all manner of ways; Apple is infamous for pushing software updates that render older model phones and computers useless right before releasing a new product so that consumers will be forced to purchase the newest version of a gadget they already have.

The best way to fight back against this kind of wasteful, predatory, capitalistic schlock is to learn more about how your gadgets work so that you can repair them instead of replacing them. This man is doing the Lord’s work.

Learned how to repair Iphones myself because its too expensive. And take a look how the iphone 6 is being seen as useless now. When it works just as good

Apple is a true example of what actual exploitation within a free market capitalist system looks like.

But here’s the thing: CUSTOMERS REFUSE TO USE the power of the system and choke them out of business.

I used repair Apple devices for a summer job in college and I can tell you full well that these devices are all designed to fail.

This company is absolutely evil. The only innovation they have achieved is the ability to drain the money from your wallet.

October 25 2017

I don't think I have ever picked up a pair of tongs without clicking them together a couple of times.




Gotta make sure they work

channel your inner crab


we could sit in a car for 2 hours and talk about life, and that’s a date right there

October 24 2017

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Always was, always will be, Aboriginal land.

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